ESSIEREE was born while trying to figure out the perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad. As I thought of ways to make the day special, I asked myself, “What does he need?”

My dad is well-known for being a HARD-WORKING man. Relaxing is not high on his priority list. Throughout my life my dad has always been there when I needed; help, advice, and money. He has a solution mentality. If he was unable to meet my need, he was dedicated to finding someone who could. My desire to give him a relaxing gift lead me to create boxes curated for any occasion.

You may be wondering why didn’t I give it a different name? Well, my inspiration to create ESSIEREE came from my dad and got its name in honor of my grandmother, Essie Ree, who I call mom. She adopted me after my mother passed away when I was 2 years old. I've enjoyed her many forms of expression when she discovered something new. Her readiness and eagerness to learn about new items, recipes, businesses, and concepts led me to create a platform for Black-Owned Businesses to showcase their emerging excellence.

The specialty curated boxes are designed to create an experience for our customers. The same way experiencing making a special meal was for my mom. A box of ESSIEREE chosen products will surely provide you with a quality experience and introduce you to new brands you can follow and support. I believe the ESSIEREE experience will be savored and cherished by all who open our boxes.
                                                                                                    -Brittany Radford                                                                                                            Owner/CEO