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Jam-Trade Street Jam Co. Blackberry Mulled Merlot


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Light, floral and perfect! 

Crushed blackberries, warm fall spices, and tons of red wine.

*Please note that these "spoonable" jams do not contain pectin, thickeners, stabilizers, or extra sugar to thicken our products. Therefore, the texture is less viscous than common brands.  

Keep refrigerated to make it thicker. For baking applications, feel free to heat the jam with a bit of cornstarch. The Jam does not contain preservatives and is fresh, please consume within two to three weeks of opening.

Blackberry, sugar, orange juice, merlot wine, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves. Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives. Contains 3g sugar (2g added, 1g natural) per 1 tbsp. serving. 

Size: 9 oz.